OP Method

Our method:

By personal interview OP CorpBanking shall know the financial requirements of the company or group, We shall know the financial information required to submit proposals for funding to the financial Intitutions and Private Investors represented.

EASY, FAST and FRIENDLY - the same financial information that your company provides to its (current) standard financial Institutions or other sources of funding.

OP CorpBanking shall prepare proposals of interest to the company in terms of amount of Funding, financial guarantees, price and anonymity (especially compared to their usual financial institutions).

OP CorpBanking is commited to offer the most consistent and best options ,within the range of our financial partners.

Selection of Proposed Financing

OP CorpBanking is to display the greater transparency and responsibility in its Business relations with companies, partners, financial institutions and investors. For this reason, the financial situation , proposals and commitments are rigorously valuated beforehand in order to reflect in a “pre-signed mandate of collaboration” the basis of the success for all key factors involved.

This pre-process guarantees to financial institutions and investors the quality of Credit Applications and the information provided according to the standards required by each financial Institution or private investor.


About implementation of solutions in financing:

1. OP CorpBanking accompanies the company to the successful implementation of financial solutions

2. Two options (related to leadership of the financial institutions / investor contacts):

    • The company decides to negotiate directly with financial institutions (with OP CorpBanking support and advice for the articulation of the best solutions).
    • The company delegates on OP Corporate Banking to deal within the parameters of targets signed on contract.

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