Financial Institutions

OP Corpbanking offers to Financial Institutions and private investors the posibility to activate or easy develop their Business Development Plan in Spain for Business Clients (Medium Caps and Small Caps)- Our wide Business Banking Brokers network in Spains provides to your business development plan the posibility to test your financial services offer, reduce implementation costs and easily increase your presence in Spain with a short commercial structure.

OP CorpBanking is open to the possibility to stablish Commercial colaboration agreements with International and Regional , Financial Institutions and Invertors to contribute to the implementation of their business developments plan is Spain.

Financial Institutions:

In addition and complementary, OP CorpBanking has a Back Office Risk Analisis Center to select deals and opportunities within the risks criteria marked by each financial / investor entity according to their target profiles, minimum and maximum tickets, product type, term and risk criteria.

- OP CorpBanking compiles a dossier of funding according to the model approved or provided by each Financial Institution or Inversor.

- Financial institutions and investors are invited at all times to maintain or lead contact with Business clients through its representatives for any information requirements and negotiation with their future Business clients.

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