Why CorpBanking OP?

Op CorpBanking combines in a single contact:

  • Specialization in Financial Business Brokering through stable relationships (Collaboration agreements) with global Financial Intitutions, investors and Public Funding.
  • Experience in Business Funding Strategies to maximizing Financial Resources for business activities of our Business clients (Medium and Small Caps)

This translates into a number of advantages for our Business Clients:

OP CorpBanking Vs. Other alternatives in financing and strategy




Specific benefits:

  •  New financial institutions investors and Public Funding availabilities to add to their usual sources of funding.
  •  Differential funding:
               - Innovative Financing Products and services
               - New Investors and Financial intitutions experts in their areas of business.
               - Leading international entities
               - Off-balance sheet financing without CRIBE presence.
               - Direct and indirect financing cost reduction.
  •  Credibility, reputation and close relationship with our financial institutions represented.. This reputation is recognized and valued by international financial institutions that see OP CorpBanking as a valid, credible and serious partner in their analysis and lending applications.