Business funding solutions

OP CorpBanking acts as exclusive sales channel for international financial institutions and investor leaders in their markets, products and services. (OP CorpBanking - International Business Banking Introducer).

These organizations place trust in us lo lead or to act as Business Banking Introducers on its business expansion in Spain (in close collaboration with their representatives). This mutual collaboration involves a number of unique benefits to our customers, financial intitutions and investors.

Our focus is always to lead a succesful meeting between all keyfactor involved (company / financial intitutions and investors) to reach and ensure the company financial stability and succesful achievement of goals. (Go to OP CorpBanking commitments)

Our main financial tools:


Our method:


About implementation of solutions in financing:

1. OP CorpBanking accompanies the company to the successful implementation of financial solutions

2. Two options (related to leadership of the financial institutions / investor contacts):

    • The company wants to negotiate directly with financial institutions (with OP CorpBanking support and advice for the articulation of the best solutions).
    • The company delegates on OP Corporate Banking to deal within the parameters of targets signed on contract.

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